Tacit Agreement

video, 1m 30s, 2014

Sometimes the elements of a scene harmonise oddly, creating thus an impression that there is a tacit agreement between them - an unexpected, seemingly impossible connection arises. The video Tacit Agreement was made in one such situation. Specifically, I was travelling at night, listening to music, and, at a short interval, blinking lights of a night landscape synchronised with the music rhythm. Anyway, these urban night landscapes look like simple dark surfaces with embedded LEDs that can be programmed to follow any kind of rhythm. I think that the logic of a monitor / computer picture, otherwise very present in my everyday life, stimulates me additionally to find relations between elements in somewhat bizarre spaces, not only because of the link network, but also because of the idea that everything is prone to adjustment and change, and that what is given is just an instantaneous phase, making one click on the next button remove all the unnecessary elements or replace them with something else.