6 channel video installation, 10m 1s loop, 2022

sound by 33.10.3402

This installation was made as an “projection” of what one specific VR experience might look like.

If every aspect of computing and social networking have to be transformed into new 3D VR system, than the “street” might become the new “wall” - an environment for sharing your personal content and for viewing content other people shared with you. So, endless vertical scrolling through posts can become horisontal. And “reading” can get notion of “moving”, or even “traveling”.

In Stroll, environment is mainly made of photoscans, beacuse they are the simplest way to create 3D recordings of people and enironments you encounterd. Photoscans are also ironical result of their initial intention, because they often look more like empty shells of objects, than like objects how we remebered them.