video, 8m 0s, sound by 33.10.3402, 2013/2016

Papierschnitzel is one channel video installation, that contains cutouts of various landscapes. Those cutouts are grouped into layers and animated, so they simulate movement as we see it while traveling. Those landscapes we see through the window of a train usually have similar structure - they are divided into layers, that move with different speeds and appear as an array of moving pictures. But, to decompose a scene into layers and rudimentary pictures, and then let these elements be recombined freely, like was done in this video, is also in accord with the logic of digital image. Landscape does not appear as a homogenous whole, but as an array of elements that can be memorized separately and recombined when needed. Each possible interpretation of such a scene is as arbitrary as combination of the elements, because we only partly know them. We recognize them as part of experience, which is based on fast, shallow observation.

Another topic of this work is space in which observer is placed - space of a vehicle. We usually spend a lot f time traveling by  buses and trains and since all the other places are overloaded with practical activities, we can rarely fully dedicate time to contemplation. In my case, when I recall some journeys, I can even relate certain ideas to the views I observed at a time. They represent visual material, whose liveliness we absorb as some kind of energy, while it’s content usually stays irrelevant. In a similar manner, a lot of other images are being passively absorbed, as well as partially remembered, but still become a part of our experience and processes of inference.

Work Papierschnitzel is in the collection of Belgrade Youth Center and The University of Belgrade - Faculty of Forestry.