ULUS Gallery, Belgrade

7 - 16 May 2021

Almost every photograph today, aside from the raw visual material, contains information about time, location, technical parameters of the exposure, as well as content of the frame, which is analysed by software in order to detect motives, or even the identity of the photographed people. All of that extra information, facilitates searching and even grouping of photographs, their mutual connection through some search parameters. One of the possibilities that became widely accessible is reconstructing the object itself by means of analysing the content of several photographs of the same object.

Compared to the photographs they were made of, 3D scans, naturally, allow us to look at the motives from all sides. Aside from the formal “eloquence”, the spirit and the atmosphere of the motives that we observe on the photographs are missing in their 3D equivalents. In that sense, 3D scans are an interesting metaphor for contemporary technological tendencies. Instead of the spirit of the moment, they represent hollow shells of the objects - that depicts the utopian aspect of the tendency to maintain, return, relive the captured moment. Instead of enabling duration, they represent downfall.

The exhibit shows three video installations, which, each one separately, represent the journey through memory, an attempt to relive certain events or entire periods of time. While the protagonists of the events themselves, characterised by continuous action, are remembered by gestures, movements or words, the immediate surroundings seem static and unchanging, and therefore they are perceived as the testimony of the event itself. For that reason, the video installations are focused on locations and immediate environment, which is, when looked at from a wider perspective, also volatile and elusive.

“One shuts one eye” is a verse from a poem “Before the Game” by Vasko Popa


- Radio Beograd 2 - Zlatni presek

- Radio Beograd 2 - Znakovi