Museum of Skin Deep Memories

video installation, 5m 0s loop, sound by 33.10.3402, 2019

The animation represents a walk through an imaginary museum in which three-dimensional recordings of scenes from a journey are exhibited. Contemporary culture trends contribute to the specific use of photography as a medium – there is a tendency to allow users to capture the maximum amount of information from the environment, even in the domain of amateur photography. The technology, which is widely available, allows each individual to easily access data about something they have previously seen and documented, thus complementing personal memory and reviving images of previously experienced moments. On the other hand, each step towards a more convincing and realistic presentation is a kind of distraction from the real physical environment.

During my participation in the Art Colony in Sićevo 2019, I recorded some authentic examples of rural architecture and turned them into 3D models. The photogrammetry process, by which 3D models were created, uses exclusively photographic material and predefined algorithms, so that the final models represent the most realistic representation of scenes and moments that could be produced by available hardware and software, without being influenced by the author's subjectivity. All deviations from the real are exclusively a consequence of the imperfection of the program.

The space of the Museum in which the models are placed is designed as a digital, virtual experience – a framework that gives or determines the significance of the exhibits and allows the observer to analyse them in relation to the altered context, while reexamining the role of natural and artificial environment in interpreting historical and geographical facts.

Work Museum of Skin Deep Memories is in the collection of Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts Niš and Center for Art Education Šumatovačka.