video triptych, 1m 32s loop, 2020

Basic structure of video installation Delights is based on The Garden of earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. This famous painting shows a huge crowd in a field freely expressing their needs and passions. Depicted people are accompanied by wild animals and imaginary creatures and the presence of animals reinforces the impression of authenticity and sincerity of every human need, because it puts man on the same level with beasts that we do not consider subject to social norms of behaviour.

From the archive of recordings made from my window, I singled out three characteristic situations in which people jointly express some will or emotion. Tied to homes and aware of their invisibility, people collectively created one sound at a time. In the first case, it was the applause for medical workers during the Covid crisis, then making clanging noises as an expression of dissatisfaction with the curfew during the same period and finally, the massive explosions of pyrotechnics during New Year's Eve.